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Project Management

Feature ideas are organised on the Issue Tracker page. In the initial project stage (Alpha), features critical for a certain release are marked against a specific release. Features with less of a priority are not assigned a specific release. Items assigned to the next release should be worked on first.


If you have an idea for a specific feature, add it to the Issue Tracker. If you would like to discuss the direction, use the Discussions sections. If you would like to develop, start a fork and send a pull request when ready.


- Retreive and display list of connections from EC2
- Connect and disconnect via RDP to any instance in list

- Show instance CPU history
- Store account keys in local configuration
- Optimise UX

0.3.0 <----- current release
- Customise RDP connection settings, per instance (connect with mapped drives, etc)
- Retreive Administrator password from EC2 API
- Private Key storage

0.3.5 <----- in development
- Instance metrics view
- Test TCP connectivity before connecting. Offer option to open relevant remote cloud firewall port to client IP address.

- Allow instance / image / service specific credential saving for connections.

- SSH connectivity

- Allow multiple AWS accounts
- Allow Azure accounts with more appropriate list view of instances/services

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